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Closet Audits

Small closets and thoughtful consumption make for better living. Less stuff means more time (and money) to enjoy the finer experiences in life.

So what’s a closet audit?

In it’s simplest form, we’ll hop on the phone or facetime and go through your stuff and document what you wear and what you don’t.

We’ll separate items into a few categories:

  • keep

  • replace

  • not sure

  • get rid of

We’ll also start a list of items you want/need. (This encourages taking time with purchases instead of making impulse buys.)

The hope is that after a couple calls, you’ll form some habits around knowing what you own, reducing clutter when necessary, and consuming thoughtfully (not just clothing, but all stuff).

We’re not looking to hook you into “stuff therapy” for the rest of your life! We want to set you up with a good foundation and then you can practice and experiment on your own. Our Only What Matters online community will be a valuable resource to document your progress and share ideas with other like minded members.


  • 10 minute free consultation to see if the fit is good

  • $100 per hour session after free consultation